By Nolde – Head of a spaniard

By Millet – Two studies of a man’s head

By Redon – Unknown title

By Carpaccio – A man wearing a beret

By Rego, Paula – Head of a woman with half-closed eyes

By Cézanne – Study of a head to Mardi Gras

By Sirani, Elisabetta – Head of a blonde youth

By Guercino – Head of a man

By Dürer – ‘Four books on human proportion’

By Puvis de Chavannes – The head of a woman with bangs hairstyle

By Géricault – Three studies about male head

By Derain – Female head

By Picasso – Sketches of heads

By Lowry – Unknown title

By Watteau – Head of a man

By Perugino, Pietro – Head of a man in profile

By Cranach, Lucas the Elder – Head of a man wearing a hat

By Van der Weyden, Rogier – Female head

By González, Juli – Cubist head

By Holbein – Studies of the bust of a woman and hands

By Goncharova, Natalia – Classical female head

By Da Vinci – Proportions of the human face

By Manet – Study of a woman

By Malevich – Head of a man with long hair

By Raphael – Study of head, left arm and shoulder of a woman

By Michelangelo – Satirical heads of Hercules and Antaeus

By Picasso – Head of a woman

By Ricci, S. – Head of a pharisee

By Klimt – A bald man

By Carracci – Head of a smiling lad

By Ghirlandaio – Head of a woman

By Matisse – Study of a face

By Constable – Study of a head

By Raphael – Study of heads and hands

By Uccello – Head of a man in profile

By Beham, Hans Sebald – Heads

By Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico – Study for the head of Beatrice of Bourgogne

By Parmigianino – Three female heads

By Barocci – Two studies of a female head

By Verrocchio, Andrea del – Head of a woman seen in profile

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