Special sky feature

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of a cloud with the draftsman comment

By Derain – Coast landscape

By Boudin – Study sky with white clouds

By Vlaminck – Landscape

By Urgell, Modest – Fantasy in the sky

By Pissarro – Landscape at Eragny

By O’keeffe, Georgia – Dawn among houses

By Stella, Joseph – Unknown title

By Pechstein – Sun above the village

By Nolde, Emil – Windmills and clouds

By Jongkind – Windmills in Holland

By Balthus – Coastal landscape

By Van Gogh – Cottages with a woman working

By Watteau – Landscape with steeple

By Cox, David – A castle on a hill

By Lorrain – Figures in a woodland

By Dürer – The willow mill

By Constable – Landscape near Petworth

By Marin – Lake George

By Rohlfs – Moonlight

By Cros, H. E. – Moor at the seaside

By Horny, Franz – Mountainous landscape with a knight

By Angrand, Charles – Horizon in landscape

By Hockney – Kilham with the church

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