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Tourist and transport

By Signac, Paul – A bridge in Passy (Trocadero). Paris

By Le Corbusier – Favela do Rio de Janeiro (Rio’s shanty)

By Deineko, Olga – Near the Kremlin

By T. F. Simon – Coastal view of Hong Kong

By Carelli, Gabriele – The river Nile near Qena

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of a plane and a cloud in the background

By Degas – The Vesuvius

By Petrov Vodkin – Samarkand

By Monet – Waterloo bridge in London

By Seurat – On the road

By Dufy – Windows in Nice

By Bernini – Study for the Nilo to the ‘Fiumi Fountain’ at Navona Square in Rome

By Cox, David – A railway engine

By Guardi – The Clock Tower in Venice

By Eisen – Shinmachi bridge and inn. (Osaka)

By Pissarro – Antilles islands’ landscape

By Buffet – The entrance of Place Beauveau in Paris

By Lorrain – The pyramid of Cestius in Rome

By T. F. Simon – Venice’s views

By Robert, Hubert- Studies of figures and bridge

By Palmer, Samuel – The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine from the Palatine, Rome

By Van den Wyngaerde, Anton – The city of Toledo (Spain)

By Le Corbusier – Into a packet boat

By G. T. Vigne – At the ferry of the Sutlej river

By Ghirlandaio – Sketch to ‘The Visitation’ in Santa Maria Novella, Florence

By Roullet, Gaston – Tourane (Vietnam)

By Lusieri, Giovanni B. – The Parthenon. Athens

By Dufy – View of the Seine river in Paris

By Potter, Maurice – Landscape in Africa

By Neziere, J. David – Bridge in Beijing


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By Barocci, Federico – Hairstyle of a woman seen from the rear

By Puvis de Chavannes – Head of a bearded man in profile

By Holbein, Hans the Younger – Anna Meyer posing with her long hair

By Da vinci – Head of a man

By Pissarro – Young woman knotting her hair

By Boucher, F. – Young woman looking up to the left

By Pitteri, Marco – Man with long curly hair

By Mazzola – Several studies of heads

By Schongauer, Martin – A foolish virgin

By Vanni, F. – Woman’s head seen in profile

By Juel, Jens – Portrait of a girl

By Bodinier, Guillaume – Hairstyle of an italian woman

By Kauffmann – Female head seen in profile

By del Castillo Saavedra, Antonio – Study for eight bearded heads

By Waterhouse, John William – Head of a girl with braid

By Piazzetta – Portrait of a boy

By Watteau – Two women

By Friedrich – Portrait of Philippine Huldberg

By Rubens – A girl squatted down

By Boccioni – Woman’s head

By Puvis de Chavannes – Standing woman combing the hair of a woman sitting

By Klimt – Sketch for ‘Lewdness’. (The Beethoven Frieze)

By Michelangelo – Profile’s drawing of a woman

By Manet – Portrait of Eva Gonzalès seen in profile

By Rossetti, Dante Gabriel – Annie Miller arranging her hair

By Brancusi, Constantin – Face

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Letters, diaries and manuscripts

By Alechinsky, Pierre – Dedication

By Schwimmer, Max – Untitled

By Kalho, Frida – ‘Pies para qué los quiero…’

By Valéry, Paul – Erasures ornamented

By Gauguin, Paul – Letter with drawings from Polynesia

By Cocteau, Jean – A bald head with letters

By Van Gogh – Pollarded willows. Sketch in a letter

By Grass, Günter – The trick

By Hesse, Hermann – Unknown title

By Manet, Édouard – Letter with a yellow snail on a leaf

By Rembrandt – Portrait of a young Saskia in a straw hat and manuscript below

By Hugo, Victor – A letter to his wife

By Klee, Paul – Appeared from the dark

By Chirico, Giorgio de – A portrait with writing

By Dostoyevsky, Fyodor – Scribbles for ‘The Demons’

By Goncharova, Natalia – Costume design for ‘Night on Bald Mountain’. Score by Mussorgsky

By Signac, Paul – The royal stables

By Ramón y Cajal, Santiago – Note

By Boccioni, Umberto – Street view in Milan (The Gamboloita bridge)

By Blake, William – The mythological ‘Los’

By Miró, Joan – Friendly dedication from the artist to the editor

By Michelangelo – Salome kneeling and holding in a tray the head of St John the Baptist

By Schwimmer, Max – Postcard easter greetings

By Valéry, Paul – Manuscript among a face and a head

By Géricault, Théodore – Big lion laying

By Van Gogh – Still life with coffee pot in a letter

By Kalho, Frida – Writing and drawing of her diary

By Cocteau, Jean – Portrait of Paul Eluard

By Da Vinci – Anatomical drawing of the stomach and the intestine

By Dalí – Dedicated words and sketches

By Gauguin, Paul – Letter with drawings from Polynesia

By Hugo, Victor – The shadow of the olive tree

By Schlageter, Karl – Unknown title

By Hesse, Hermann – Letter with header drawing of a tree in front of a building

By Miller, Henry – Sleeplessness

By Urgell, Modest – Writing with bethel

By Manet, Édouard – Letter with three plums

By Rossetti, D. Gabriel – Bemoaning the death of his pet

By Schwimmer, Max – ‘Three Graces’

By Desnos, Robert – Sketches with writing

By Giraud, Sébastien Charles – Letter and drawing from Tahiti

By Cocteau, Jean – Sketch for a fashion magazine

By Giacometti, Alberto – Three sketches with manuscript

By Gauguin, Paul – Letter with drawings from Polynesia

By Apollinaire, Guillaume – Notebook

By Van Gogh – Road with a man and pollard willows in a letter

By Doré, Gustave – A letter with sketches of figures

By Kalho, Frida – Writing and drawing of her diary

By Valéry, Paul – Manuscript

By García Lorca, Federico – Letter to Ana María Dalí

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Saints’ day. Dominic

By Dürer – St Dominic

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Sketchers too (the writers)

By Baudelaire, Charles – Self-portrait standing with top hat

By Hugo, Victor – Castle of Santa Maria near Luz-St Sauveur in France

By Andersen, Hans Christian – View of Florence

By Kafka, Franz – Two waiting

By Hesse, Hermann – Apple trees

By García Lorca, Federico – Portrait of Ana María Dalí wearing an Arbutus’ Headdress

By Hugo, Victor – Town beside a lake

By Tolkien, John R. R. – Landscape and manuscript

By Kafka, Franz – Depiction of several figures, one carrying a flag

By Andersen, Hans Christian – Young of countryside

By Proust, Marcel – Untitled drawing

By Hugo, Victor – Seated man holding a rod

By Baudelaire, Charles – Drawing dedicated to his friend Charles Asselineau

By Hesse, Hermann – Plants, flowers and houses

By Cocteau, Jean – Untitled

By Sand, George (Baroness Dudevant) – Self-portrait and portrait of Delacroix

By Hugo, Victor – Remembrance of the Siege of Paris

By Gomez de la Serna, Ramon – A picture of ‘Greguerías’

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