By Barocci, Federico – Hairstyle of a woman seen from the rear

By Puvis de Chavannes – Head of a bearded man in profile

By Holbein, Hans the Younger – Anna Meyer posing with her long hair

By Da vinci – Head of a man

By Pissarro – Young woman knotting her hair

By Boucher, F. – Young woman looking up to the left

By Pitteri, Marco – Man with long curly hair

By Mazzola – Several studies of heads

By Schongauer, Martin – A foolish virgin

By Vanni, F. – Woman’s head seen in profile

By Juel, Jens – Portrait of a girl

By Bodinier, Guillaume – Hairstyle of an italian woman

By Kauffmann – Female head seen in profile

By del Castillo Saavedra, Antonio – Study for eight bearded heads

By Waterhouse, John William – Head of a girl with braid

By Piazzetta – Portrait of a boy

By Watteau – Two women

By Friedrich – Portrait of Philippine Huldberg

By Rubens – A girl squatted down

By Boccioni – Woman’s head

By Puvis de Chavannes – Standing woman combing the hair of a woman sitting

By Klimt – Sketch for ‘Lewdness’. (The Beethoven Frieze)

By Michelangelo – Profile’s drawing of a woman

By Manet – Portrait of Eva Gonzalès seen in profile

By Rossetti, Dante Gabriel – Annie Miller arranging her hair

By Brancusi, Constantin – Face

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