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Saints’ day. Jerome

By Bernini – St Jerome with two putti, kneeling in front the cross while the lion pulls back


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Saints’ day. Gabriel

By Van Leyden, Lucas – The archangel Gabriel, the ‘God’s Messenger’

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By Fantin-Latour – Depiction of Wagner and his muse with feathers

By Rieder, Wilhelm A. – Portrait of Franz Schubert seated and wearing glasses

By Von Klöber, August – Portrait of Beethoven

By Schwind, Moritz – Franz Schubert’s room

By Delacroix – Sketch of Chopin playing while George Sand is listening beside him

By Von Menzel, Adolph – Joseph Joachim playing the violin

By Legros, Alphonse – Berlioz

By Andersen, Hans Christian (the writer) – The grave of Beethoven

By Doré, Gustave – Depiction of Berlioz in the stage, seen from rear

By Hensel, Wilhelm – Niccolò Paganini

By Von Schadow, Wilhelm – Portrait of Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, seated and playing

By Ingres – Portrait of Baillot with violin and lectern

Unknown authorship – Illustration of the time on Beethoven, seen from rear and in profile

By Dien, Marie-François – Portrait of Anton Reicha


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Saints’ day. Matthew

By Carracci – St Matthew seated and reading

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Dance, performance and theatre

By Van Gogh – Dance hall in Nuenen (Netherlands)

By Schlemmer – Sketch of ‘Triadic Ballet’

By Pissarro – ‘The Round’

By Botero – The dance

By Beham, Hans Sebald – Goblin dancing

By Seurat – Man dancing

By Kirchner – Dancing couple

By Lebedev, Vladimir – Couple in a modern dance

By Watteau – Four sketches of actors performing beside the sketch of a hand

By Romano, Giulio – Dance with bacchante among two naked fauns

By Picasso – Woman dancing while a ‘Picador’ (Horseman bullfighter) is clapping hands

By Goncharova, Natalia S. – Unknown title

By Rego, Paula – ‘The Rehearsal’

By Kirchner – Three dancers of Can-Can

By Bakst, Leon – The main character in ‘Afternoon of a Faun’

By Degas – Four dancers

By Whistler – Woman dancer

By Matisse – Mask (Face)

By Boucher – Young country girl dancing

By Callot – Fair of Gondreville in France

By Bernard, Joseph A. – Two women and a child naked, dancing in a landscape

By Poussin – A dance to the music of Time

By Degas – Three dancers in yellow skirts

By Ilia Efimovich Repin – Portrait of actress Eleonora Duse

By Rego, Paula – A drawing for ‘The dance’

By Rodin – Five naked women dancing

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Four sketches of figures practicing with the rings in a circus

By myself – Sketches of actress saluting

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Female nudes

By Kandinsky – Legs and torso of a female nude

By Marquet – Seated woman with bun and with her legs drawn seen in profile

By Epstein, Jacob – Seated female nude

By Kokoschka – Seated nude girl

By Jordaens – Female nude, seen from the back

By Delvaux, Paul – Naked woman with arms akimbo

By Chagall – Nude and fruit

By Seurat – Naked woman in low angle shot

By Munch – Standing blue nude

By Giacometti – Standing woman

By Kirchner – Two naked women in a landscape bowing their heads up

By Matisse – Nude before a curtain

By Goltzius, Hendrick – Nude female figure escaping with arms outstretched

By Steinlen – Recumbent woman flexing her right leg

By Picabia – Seated model with legs drawn

By Titian – Study of female nude, seen from rear

By Bacon – Seated woman

By Campi – Reclining naked woman

By Rembrandt – Seated female nude with her head bowed down

By Zorn – Seated model with her torso bent

By Picasso – Standing female nude

By Modigliani – Anna Akhmatova, the poetess, posing

By Pontormo – A naked figure standing next to two other sitting

By Rubens’ Atelier – The three Graces

By Dürer – Standing female nude holding a banner, seen from rear

By Pechstein – Seated woman with her arms over the chest wearing a collar

By Raphael – Kneeling figure raising his left arm

By Bonnard – Study of a standing naked girl

By myself – Female model standing with his left arm leaning on a wall, seen from behind


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Architecture, furniture and decoration

By Delacroix – Niche area in the palace of the Sultans of Meknes (Morocco)

By Le Corbusier – Sketches for the monument of ‘Open Hand’ in Chandigarh (India)

By Lebedev, Vladimir – Inner with stove in the evening

By Lopez, Antonio – Sketches of staircase for ‘Vessel with roses and Madonna lilies’

By Olbrich, Joseph M. – Project for the exhibition hall of the Vienna Secession

By Van der Rohe, Mies – Perspective and plant for Walter Dexel House. Jena

By Lloyd Wright, F. – Preliminary study for the House Jester, Palos Verdes (California)

By Borromini, Francesco – Basilica of St Giovanni in Laterano

By Eisner, Vladimir – Bookcase

By Mendelsohn, Erich – Pavilion Garden in Luckenwalde

By Schinkel, Karl Friedrich – Bedroom for a Queen

By Gehry, Frank O. – Museo Guggenheim in Bilbao (Spain)

By Carracci – Human figures for a project

By Piranesi, G. B. – Remains of the tomb of family Caecilii Metelli

By Fortuny, Mariano – The courtyard of the house of Pilate in Sevilla (Spain)

By Bodinier, Guillaume – Inside the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere

By Unknown author – Interior of the Pantheon in the Campus Martius in Rome

By Nouvel, Jean – Competition for the Library of France. Paris

By Lami, Eugène – Fantasy architecture with figures

By Foster, Norman – Several sketches of Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank

By Da Besozzo, Michelino M. – Study of buildings with peacock

By Le Corbusier – Sketches of Villa Adriana

By Andreev, V. S.- Project of the Worker’s Cooperative’ for residential houses

By Michelangelo – The tomb of Pope Julius II

By Bramante – Temple study

By Rodin, Auguste – Door and embellished eardrum

By Nigetti, Matteo – Inner of St Michele e Gaetano’s Church in Florence

By Holbein the Younger, Hans – Design of an astronomical clock

By Beccafumi, Domenico – Kneeling figure and architecture

By Peruzzi, Baldassare – Great dome with religious ornaments

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Costume, fashion and drapery

By Caffi, Ippolito – Masked people, one wearing a very venetian hat

By Klimt – Sketch of lady’s costume

By Benois, Alexander – Street dancer costume design

By Von Menzel – Sketches about woman clothing and accessories

By Watteau – Posing woman with headdress

By Cézanne – Clothes on a chair

By Ernst – Lot of hats

By Kirchner – Street scene in Berlin

By Boucher – Musician dressed in traditional clothes of his time

By Helleu, Paul Cesar – Woman with a hat seen in profile

By Rubens – Nicolas Trigault in chinese costume

By Van Dongen, Kees – Woman with headdress

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of a dressed half figure with abstract head

By della Bella, Stefano – Three figures with flapping clothes on a windy day

By Pissarro – Two cobblers

By Rego, Paula – Dressmakers tweaks

By Da Vinci – Study of a plicate

By Besnard, Albert – Woman sitting and wearing a yellow dress and holding a horn

By Bodinier, Guillaume – Attire for men legs

By Gainsborough – Blonde lady with hat and long dress

By Von Menzel – Man wearing traditional clothing of the era

By Manet – Two hats

By Goncharova, Natalia Sergeevna – Womenswear

By Dürer – Three livonian women

By Tiepolo – Man wearing coat

By Malevich – ‘Much and One’ (From ‘Victory on Sun’)

By Vasari, Giorgio – Three women

By Da Vinci – Man wearing a beret covering one of his eyes

By Carracci – Study for two figures wearing coats

By Guys, Constantin – Two women wearing crinolines

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