Costume, fashion and drapery

By Caffi, Ippolito – Masked people, one wearing a very venetian hat

By Klimt – Sketch of lady’s costume

By Benois, Alexander – Street dancer costume design

By Von Menzel – Sketches about woman clothing and accessories

By Watteau – Posing woman with headdress

By Cézanne – Clothes on a chair

By Ernst – Lot of hats

By Kirchner – Street scene in Berlin

By Boucher – Musician dressed in traditional clothes of his time

By Helleu, Paul Cesar – Woman with a hat seen in profile

By Rubens – Nicolas Trigault in chinese costume

By Van Dongen, Kees – Woman with headdress

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of a dressed half figure with abstract head

By della Bella, Stefano – Three figures with flapping clothes on a windy day

By Pissarro – Two cobblers

By Rego, Paula – Dressmakers tweaks

By Da Vinci – Study of a plicate

By Besnard, Albert – Woman sitting and wearing a yellow dress and holding a horn

By Bodinier, Guillaume – Attire for men legs

By Gainsborough – Blonde lady with hat and long dress

By Von Menzel – Man wearing traditional clothing of the era

By Manet – Two hats

By Goncharova, Natalia Sergeevna – Womenswear

By Dürer – Three livonian women

By Tiepolo – Man wearing coat

By Malevich – ‘Much and One’ (From ‘Victory on Sun’)

By Vasari, Giorgio – Three women

By Da Vinci – Man wearing a beret covering one of his eyes

By Carracci – Study for two figures wearing coats

By Guys, Constantin – Two women wearing crinolines

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