Female nudes

By Kandinsky – Legs and torso of a female nude

By Marquet – Seated woman with bun and with her legs drawn seen in profile

By Epstein, Jacob – Seated female nude

By Kokoschka – Seated nude girl

By Jordaens – Female nude, seen from the back

By Delvaux, Paul – Naked woman with arms akimbo

By Chagall – Nude and fruit

By Seurat – Naked woman in low angle shot

By Munch – Standing blue nude

By Giacometti – Standing woman

By Kirchner – Two naked women in a landscape bowing their heads up

By Matisse – Nude before a curtain

By Goltzius, Hendrick – Nude female figure escaping with arms outstretched

By Steinlen – Recumbent woman flexing her right leg

By Picabia – Seated model with legs drawn

By Titian – Study of female nude, seen from rear

By Bacon – Seated woman

By Campi – Reclining naked woman

By Rembrandt – Seated female nude with her head bowed down

By Zorn – Seated model with her torso bent

By Picasso – Standing female nude

By Modigliani – Anna Akhmatova, the poetess, posing

By Pontormo – A naked figure standing next to two other sitting

By Rubens’ Atelier – The three Graces

By Dürer – Standing female nude holding a banner, seen from rear

By Pechstein – Seated woman with her arms over the chest wearing a collar

By Raphael – Kneeling figure raising his left arm

By Bonnard – Study of a standing naked girl

By myself – Female model standing with his left arm leaning on a wall, seen from behind


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10 responses to “Female nudes

  1. Amazing artwork. Art is poetry for the eyes. A strong art piece can create a real story and thoughts.


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