By Fantin-Latour – Depiction of Wagner and his muse with feathers

By Rieder, Wilhelm A. – Portrait of Franz Schubert seated and wearing glasses

By Von Klöber, August – Portrait of Beethoven

By Schwind, Moritz – Franz Schubert’s room

By Delacroix – Sketch of Chopin playing while George Sand is listening beside him

By Von Menzel, Adolph – Joseph Joachim playing the violin

By Legros, Alphonse – Berlioz

By Andersen, Hans Christian (the writer) – The grave of Beethoven

By Doré, Gustave – Depiction of Berlioz in the stage, seen from rear

By Hensel, Wilhelm – Niccolò Paganini

By Von Schadow, Wilhelm – Portrait of Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, seated and playing

By Ingres – Portrait of Baillot with violin and lectern

Unknown authorship – Illustration of the time on Beethoven, seen from rear and in profile

By Dien, Marie-François – Portrait of Anton Reicha


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  1. Gustave Dore is fantastic….:) 🙂

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