Hands, arms, legs and feet

By Barocci – Study of arm, hands and legs

By Léger – A hand in front the face

By De La Fosse, Charles – A study of the arm and hip of a figure

By Böhmer, Gunter – The hands of an old model

By Parmigianino – Sketched legs and figures

By Ingres – Study of hands and feet

By Titian – Study of legs and feet

By Rubens – Blind with outstretched arms

By Baldung, Hans – A praying hands beside a coat of arms

By Barocci – Leg of a child

By Anonymous – Left hand with the palm

By Michelangelo – Sketch of an arm for The Last Judgement

By Da Vinci – A right foot seen from the front

By Delacroix – Sketched figures

By Reni,Guido – The lying body of Holofernes after the beheading by Judith beside a naked female figure

By Tiepolo (Attributed) – Right hand

By Mucha, A. M. – Study of the hands of a woman looking up

By Dürer – Studies for the hand and arm of Adam

By Janssen, Gerhard – Sketch about shaking hands

By Bellange, J. – A right leg beside several scribbles

By Da Vinci – Shoulder muscles

By Anonymous – Two feet

By Michelangelo – Torso of a man and three studies of a hand

By Degas – Sketch of a woman’s arm with his left hip

By Barocci – Sketch of a female hand

By Dix, Otto – Clasped hands

By Fuseli – A seated artist with his gloom beside an sculpted hand and foot

By Holbein the Younger – Study of heads and hands

By González, Julio – Hand beside a face screaming

By myself – Sketch of a left foot


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