Architecture, furniture and decoration

By Chagall – Inner of a room

By Michelucci, Giovanni – Unknown title

By Da Vinci – Sketches for a plan of a temple

By Carracci – Sketches for architectural ornaments

By Bodinier, G. – Study for a canopy daybed

By Mendelsohn – Preliminary studies for Columbushaus of Berlin

By Holbein the Younger – Design for a fireplace

By Saenredam, P. – Crossing and nave of the church of St Odulphus, Assendelft, from the right side of the choir

By Dürer – Plan of a table’s fountain

By Giacometti – Christ Pantocrator (God Almighty)

By Piranesi – Fancied building with arches and figures inside

By Jahn, Helmut – O’Hare Airport in Chicago

By Rodin – Project for a door with eight panels

By Le Corbusier – Sketch for chapel in Ronchamp

By Von Erlach, Fischer – View of the facade of Pleasure Garden Pavilion

By Taut – Glass Pavilion (Werkbund Exhibition in Cologne)

By Dalí – Study for ‘The chair’

By Christo – Project ‘Over the river’

By Gilly, Friedrich – Design for Berlin Theatre

By Michelangelo – Sketches for St Peter’s Basilica

By Du Cerceau, Jacques I Androuet – A triumphal arch with caparisoned horses and ornamented pinnacles

By Beccafumi, Domenico – Ceiling decoration with two figures

By Borromini, F. – Design of interior

By Scamozzi, V. – Studies of column capitals

By Gaudí – Design for the Franciscan Mission at Tanger

By Mackintosh, C. R. – Lodge and stable near Norfolk

By Delacroix – Several architectural sketches

By Niemeyer, Costa & Wiener – Pavilion of Brazil. New York World’s Fair, 1939

By Parmigianino – Design for an altar

By Wright – Larkin’s Building in Buffalo

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