Horses, riders, carts and donkeys

By Sargent, J. Singer – A horse in front of a door

By Guys, Constantin – Two figures on a carriage beside three riders wearing top hats

By Pissarro – A horse works a field

By Boucher – Study of two rampant horses

By Picasso – Young horseman poses with his horse

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Horse and coach

By Arcimboldo, Giuseppe – Harnessed horse, in profile

By Dürer – Man in armor on horseback

By Begaud, Pierre A. – Studies of donkeys grazing

By Kirchner – Harnessed team

By Gericault – A man clutching a horse in water

By Vernier, Emile L. – Horse ready for the axis of a carriage

By Rubens – Head of a donkey

By Bonheur, Rosa – Several studies of horses and riders

By Shitao – Horses on the water (17th c)

By Van Gogh – Carriage

By Macke, August – Horses on sale

By Da Vinci – Man on a horse rearing over a recumbent figure

By Delacroix – Bucking horse

By Boccioni – Tethered horses

By Egorov, Konstantin – Carriage

By Fortuny, M.- Sketches of legs and head of a horse

By Rodin – Rider and woman

By Vermeer, Jan Van Delft – Scene of countryside including a figure on horseback

By Degas – A horseman wearing a hat

By Pisanello – Studies on the nose, mouth and chest of a horse

By Falcone, Aniello – Riders battle

By Gericault – Butcher on horseback

By Simonini, Francesco A. – Riders and horses fighting in a battle

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Unknown title

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