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Saints’ day. Andrew

By Diziani, G. – St Andrew tied to the cross in front of two readers


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Famous people sketched

By Munch – Portrait of F.W. Nietzsche

By Repin, Ilya Y. – Leo Tolstoy working

By Leoni, O. M. – Galileo Galilei

By Hensel, Wilhelm – G. W. F. Hegel

By Clouet, François – Catherine de Médicis

By Busch,Wilhelm – Sketch of A. Schopenhauer

By Rubens – Spanish statesman Francisco Goméz de Sandoval y Rojas ‘Duque de Lerma’

By Picasso – Portrait of Luis de Góngora

By Cranach, Lucas the Elder – Suicide of Lucretia

By Vallotton, Félix – To Edgar Poe

By Craig, E. G. – Angela Isadora Duncan

By Renart, J – Sketch of A. Gaudi

By Blake, W. – Drawing of Isaac Newton

By Pisanello, A. – Sigismund, the holy roman emperor

By unknown master of 17th c.- Depiction of persian emperor Tarmashirin Khan

By Altman, Nathan – Vladimir I. Lenin seated and holding papers

By Zuccari, Federico – Queen Elizabeth I

By Dalí, S. – Gala (Elena Ivanovna Diakonova)

By Clouet, Jean – Francis, Duke of Anjou and Alençon

By Dufy, R. – Portrait of G. W. Von Leibnitz

By Dürer – Portrait of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman I

By Gimignani – Quintus Horatius Flaccus (Horace) killing his sister

By Hokusai, Katsushika – The chinese philosopher Lao Tse

By unknown master of 17th c. – Shah Jahan (‘Ruler of World’) of the Mughal empire on horseback

By Bernini, G. L. – Constantinus (Constantine)

By Rossetti, Dante G.- Aspasia of Miletus, teaching Socrates to dance

By Picasso – The bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín posing

By David, J. L. – Homer singing his poems

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Architecture, furniture and decoration

By Mackintosh – Design of a room

By Du Cerceau, J. Androuet – Project for the halls in the castle of Montargis, first and second floor

By Turner, William – Inner with artwork exhibition

By Le Corbusier – ‘Taureau’. (Bull). Cover of the Assembly Building in Chandigarh (India)

By Lisch, J. J. G. – Project for an hotel in Montparnasse. Paris

By Van Gogh – Mantel and chair

By Carracci – Set of figures to architectural ornamentation

By Moneo, Rafael – Kursaal, the cultural center and auditorium in San Sebastian (Spain)

By Hubert Robert – Some figures while they are cleaning beside an antique fountain as a laundry beside a roman ruins

By Loos – The Heuberg Plan

By Lewis, J. Frederick – A big hall with colorful windows. Egypt

By Laloux, V. A. F. – Orsay, railway station

By Larsson, Carl – A room of a little girl

By Rietveld, Gerrit Thomas – Sketches on the zigzag chair for children, ‘Jesse’

By Modigliani – Caryatid

By Du Cerceau, J. Androuet – Unknown title

By Lisch, J. J. G. – Le Havre, railway station

By Zubov, Alexey – Marriage of Peter the Great, tsar of Russia beside the river Neva

By Girtin, Thomas – A herder resting on the wall of an old abbey in ruins

By Garnier, Tony – Detail of The Assemblies Building. Project of The Industrial City

By Jones, Owen – Plan of Crystal Palace in the park of Saint-Cloud in Paris

By Du Cerceau, J. Androuet – Lessons on viewpoint

By Dobuzhinsky, Mstislav – Lion and gryphon (Perugia)

By Van der Rohe, Mies – Villa Tugendhat

By Tiepolo – A manor, low angle

By Guimard – Design for the facade of Société Immobilière a la Rue Moderne

By Schönerer, Matthias – South Station in Viena

By Zuccari, Federico – Original plan for Palazzetto Zuccari in Rome

By Piranesi – Columned indoor

By Perret – Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (Paris)

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Saints’ day. Albert

By Ribera – St Albert with tied arms before a crucifix

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Letters, diaries and manuscripts

By Van Gogh – The woman reader of romances

By Kahlo, Frida – Letter and kisses

By Valéry, Paul – Obelisk in a square with a temple

By Dostoyevsky, Fyodor M. – Several doodles around two heads

By Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) – Alice with the bottle in her left hand

By Magritte, René – ‘Un titre plaese !’

By Da Vinci, Leonardo – Writing and scribbles around a self-portrait

By Bernini, Giovanni Lorenzo (workshop) – Project for tribune

By Cocteau, Jean – Self-portrait with a frog

By Baudelaire, Charles – Half-body portrait of the actress and dancer Jeanne Duval

By De Segonzac, André D. – Unknown title sketch

By Dalí, Salvador – Volveré a Europa

By Kalho, Frida – Gratefulness to the medical staff

By Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski de Rola) – The gaze of Michelina

By Apollinaire, Guillaume – Composition

By Breton, André – The writer’s self-portrait in a letter

By Larsson, Carl – Readying to a celebration in the artist’s home

By Picasso, Pablo – Unknown title

By Schwimmer, Max – Male and female rabbits

By Van Gogh – Austin Friars, dutch church depicted before destruction by bombing in the Second World War. London

By Artaud, Antonin – His self-portrait in one of two sheets

By Hensel, Wilhelm – Portrait of Abraham Mendelssohn Bartholdy. A german jewish banker

By Pissaro, Camille – A letter with a landscape

By Darwin, Charles – His first sketch of the tree of life from one origin

By Manet, Edouard – ‘Vive la Republique’

By Angelico, Fra – Drawing of an apostle seated reading a book

By Kokoschka, Oskar – Depiction of a bird on a fountain

By Lépaulle, Gabriel – Costume design for a performance of a musical piece

By Kupreyanov, Nikolay – Drawings in two pages of a diary

By Cross, Henri Edmond – Landscape, aerial view

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Saints’ day. Charles

By Cerano du Milan (Crespi, Jean Baptiste) – Depiction of St Charles (St Carlo Borromeo), standing, raising his right hand and holding a book with the left

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