Dogs, cats and pets. This at home

She took the cat and left home. Last monday she returned the cat.

Some day she will come back home and she will take our pet

Lovely cat, and without likeness with the cartoon character, its name is Félix too

By myself - Félix lying over a table in front of me (sketched some hours ago, August, the 29th)

By myself – Fèlix lying over a table in front of me (sketched some hours ago, August, the 29th)


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20 responses to “Dogs, cats and pets. This at home

  1. Hugging you my friend. I have not forgotten you. I finally have my blog moved to it’s new home. I think I sent you the new email but let me know if I did not. I will always try to keep you smiling, SK.

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  2. love this sketch of your cat, he looks very content!

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    • Hi Anna, yours words make me glad, because it’s an animal so good. I’d like to know its opinion about its happiness, but as this is not possible, I have enough with your sighting. Thanks a lot for your comment. Have a nice sunday.

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  3. Your sketch is very beautiful! I just love it! I wish you a very creative and inspired day to make more sketches, wonderful as this one is! Hugs! Mihaela

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  4. mothermi6

    Felix means ‘happy’ in Latin I believe. I have two cats and even I have made the occasional sketch – such luscious curves – using white/silver crayons on black paper. There are very few live beings that can match the lithe, elegant, sensuousness of the cat and its parabolas through space.

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    • So true, Felix Felis (Happy Feline). Your wise words make me ready for listen instead of say something, because you’re an expert on this matter. Thanks for stopping by and also for your comment. Best wishes.


  5. Beautiful sketch, and Félix is a truly awesome name for a cat not only for a cartoon!😹😹😹😹😹😹

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  6. I question if instead of thinking that the caresses before an snack, are not our first premium that precedes a second like the food, really these are his compensation by letting to caress, because we know that when they do not want no possible caresses. Oh, thanks a lot for your friendly reply.


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