Special events – BREXIT

(1973-2016 )

Dear followers and friends, this is so sad, but really is the end.

I admit that I believed in the friendship of this traitor.


By Delacroix -Unknown title

By Delacroix -Unknown title


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17 responses to “Special events – BREXIT

  1. Will France be the next?

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  2. I doubt a breathalyzer test would work unless it tests intelligence. First thing to be done is to educate and that’s not been happening. I voted for Remain and I’m shocked at the result

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    • After the labourist Jo Cox was murdered, there hasn’t been the minimum indication of self criticism. The European Union musn’t be just an economic alliance.
      In any human group when there is someone unsupportive, we reasonably feel scorn to him. This event has dismantled the positive regard from europeans towards UK. Thanks for your opinion, but I can’t follow thinking the same about british people and their culture. We have not to dissemble a big and historical treason.


  3. I am sad we left the Eu. Very sad. I’m hoping we wont be as badly affected as I fear x

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    • Thanks for comment, Bruno. You know, even in the best sketches of the great teachers we can see superimposed lines. The motifs are alive and the draftsman as an historian has no erasers. There is movement and this needs reflection and reaction for a suitable adjustment. Every part must to learn your lesson. But nothing changes that the BREXIT simply is FOOLHARDY !


      • Let’s talk the future… I hoppe that will be a good lesson for the europe and no a good model …I cross my fingers

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      • Dear Bruno, I absolutely disagree with the possible opinion about the Brexit could have something to teach us.
        Instead, the only thing obvious that this event can teach us is we must to care about our ‘dangerous alliances’.
        After the Euro apparition, we had new economical enemies of our own currency.
        Now, we have to be alert, against the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). – The Uncle Sam’s eagle is overflying our lands, and it’s too much coincidence. Is a good moment to check the recent contemporary history, and in my metaphore Europe is not the model, as you comment, or the pasive subject, no, no, rather the active: the good draftsman that press with sureness his pencil to contrast his strokes on the paper, and at the moment that’s to denounce the BRITISH TREASON.


  4. kokodynia

    This is very sad also for me, but overall any end is a new beginning. I think EU is going to big transformation 🙂

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