Animals everything. Warning!

Dear followers and friends, I’ve never felt myself any special defensor of animals, but today I want to appeal your attention.
Please browse to the third picture, the simian of the drawing by Hendrick Goltzius tied with a chain at its neck, and now please look at the gaze of this creature and you will understand that it’s supplicating mercy from humans.
Let me suggest a book, and by the by, I think this had to be obligatory to discuss at the schools. This is ‘The Lives of Animals’  by J.M. Coetzee.
Coetzee’s work debates the establishing of morality and appeals to the ethics with a so interesting and amazing way, sometimes like a novel and sometimes  immersed in the world of philosophy.
The colorful and lovely first sketch by Franz Marc is dedicated to a very cherished friend of mine: Sara P. Lorenzo. An spanish psychologist woman and in this case another defensor of animals, particularly admirer of wolves. She always knows to teach something with her speciality. Here is the access to her blog:

SARA RETSara P. Lorenzo (Clinical Psychologist specialist in Psychopathology and Health)

Thanks so much for your visit, and enjoy the pictures!

By Marc, Franz - Abstract composition with two wolves

By Marc, Franz – Abstract composition with two wolves

By Crawhall, Joseph - Sketch of a stork

By Crawhall, Joseph – Sketch of a stork

By Goltzius, Hendrick - A seated monkey tied with a chain at its neck

By Goltzius, Hendrick – A seated monkey tied with a chain at its neck

By Van Gogh - Studies of flies

By Van Gogh – Studies of flies

By Klee - Fishes of the deep waters

By Klee – Fishes of the deep waters

By De’Grassi, Giovannino. 14th century - Some studies about leopards and other animals

By De’Grassi, Giovannino. 14th century – Some studies about leopards and other animals

By White, John - Study of a crab

By White, John – Study of a crab

By Delacroix - Head of a lion

By Delacroix – Head of a lion

By De Gheyn, the Younger, Jacques - A toad

By De Gheyn, the Younger, Jacques – A toad

By Hokkei, Tokiyuki - The snake and the gourds

By Hokkei, Tokiyuki – The snake and the gourds

By Tiepolo - A bunch of punchinello observing an elephant

By Tiepolo – A bunch of punchinello observing an elephant

By Warhol - The giant panda

By Warhol – The giant panda


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26 responses to “Animals everything. Warning!

  1. These are some of the most beautiful sketches I have ever come across😃

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  2. Oh!! Wonderful!!

    I am definitely glad with your post! And it is an honour for me to be mentioned in your wordpress. Thank you very much Enric!

    You have always hit with my taste and this is not an exception, I love the picture, its colours and the simplicity of its lines… ^^

    On the other hand, I like the lion’s photo, it has strenght and elegance.

    Congratulations and I am sure that you will soon surprise us with fantastic updates in the future :)!!

    My best whishes!

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    • Wow, here is the great friend of the most balanced mind that I know. You’re always helping me without you realize it. So, the honour is mine. The world is rolling every night and day, and the amazing thing is that one day like this, the animals rights have met the psychology: your speciality. I’m so glad for the events when these happen without force them. Is a true joy to me that you like it the work about the wolves. Yeah, as you say the simplicity of this work, is seeking the mystical power of geometrical shapes. Also I know you always are appraising the essence of all.
      The work of Delacroix often exhibe the expert skill of this author with the gestures with his paintbrushes. Here he is recreating the arabesque lines of the mane of this animal.
      With beholders and followers like you, this blog is so easy to drive, and also an authentic passion to share. Thanks for stopping by and good night and happy dreams ❤

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  3. Such great work all of these are. I never saw the Warhol before! The toad stole my heart, he seems to be floating in the air! I always visit your blog and get in spied, I wish I had more time to leave comments of appreciations! Cheers, Johanna

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    • Hi Johanna, what a nice surprise your comment. Yeah… maybe the same Andy could not remember all his works, because he made a lot of engraving works, sometimes he seemed a commercial brand of industrial art sheets. You already know that his art is great and also so large. At any case in my opinion the red version of this animal is a bold and successful idea. My pleasure for your comment. Oh hun, have a nice day. ❤

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  4. Once again you have chosen a very mixed set of sketches. It is what makes your blog such a pleasure to visit.


    • Oh sugar, you have a big sensitivity, you truly discovered the spirit of this site, but I don’t hide nothing. Less secrets and more sharing. 😜I’m happy for your delight. Thanks so much🙏 and have a funny sunday💌


  5. My favourite theme in art! I like Audubone’s birds the most! Can enjoy the illustrations of this book infinitely))

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    • Hi Ekaterina, I’m so glad to meet someone like you, that loves so much the fauna and particularly the birds. Their ‘world’ or ‘heaven’ have a bit of mistery yet. This bird-watcher truly had a graphic style so genuine and exquisite. A lot of years ago, I had a nice postcard of a work by him. I’m so grateful not only because you reminded me this artist, but also because you mean the art as a reciprocal comunication. Thanks dear partner, for your cultivated and kind comment ❤

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  6. Pingback: 7ma nomination ai Liebster Award!! | fruttidiboscoblog

    • Dear ‘A’ I’m so sorry for my delay, and I’m so grateful for your nomination. This made me happy.
      I was some days thinking over about your proposal. But I found some troubles. My blog has about 1.050 followers. I want to consider all of them. So I cannot to choose ten, because the others would be excluded. Once I participated with Awards and I had raffle the nominations. You can see that in this post:
      Finally my big difficulty is that I don’t understand the italian language. However I thought about eleven very simple questions to be answered quickly:
      1Dog or cat
      2Sun or shadow
      3Forest or beach
      4Pants or skirt
      5White or black
      6Natural water o sparkling water
      7Parents or grandparents
      8Internet or TV
      9Breakfast or dinner
      10Bier or gintonic
      11Day or night
      So excuse me. I also want to congratulate you for your cute, friendly and funny blog ❤

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      • Hiiiiiiii! Sorry! I didn’t think about your difficults…and I didnt think that if you have english articles, you speak english and you couldnt understand my article…ç_ç Some rules there are…but at finally every blogs customize them… can partecipe to answer and can ask to all your follow to asnwer to the articles… finally take part is important :P…I can translate the article for you…I have a section … ENART (english articles) and there is no problem to do this! 😛 then i link the article translated here…say to me what do you think about this! Then to answer to your questions:
        1. both! I love every animals °_°
        3.forest! I love it *^* so much that my blog’s name is berries! 😛
        5.white :3
        6.natural water! parents…I never meet my grandparents :/
        8.internet for life!
        10. Umh?…I dont like alcohol and I love my life °_°….
        11.again both i love sun…and i love night peace..although it is strange..before I said sun ò-o
        byeeee 😛

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      • Hi dear, I want to tell all you could need. But I advance that my blog is in english to arrive more to worldwide, because my mother tongue is spanish. I was born and I live in Barcelona. I can understand some brief sentences in italian, because you know… our languages are kindred. But truly my opinion is that all this is too complicated. Don’t you remember the massive raffle that it would carry between my followers? Too much work. Now I have not enough time. It doesn’t matter, this time you will achieve your goals with another partners or others ways. I’m so sorry because you’re an sprightly person. But please, don’t give importance to what is not suitable now. As bloggers of WordPress, surely we will find more choices to collaborate some day in the future. Life follows.
        Oh my friend thanks a million for everything, you’re wonderful. So long! Buenas noches.

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  7. Who knew a crab could look so fabulous!!! Love that painting!!!

    Vivienne X

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  8. What wonderful pieces of art. There are some very clever people out there (a fact I often wonder about!). Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place” especially loved the cat pictures although none of them are fond of collars around their necks. Thanks for posting such lovely artwork. Best greetings out of the magical Black Forest. 🙂

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  9. very nice scketch, bravo!

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  10. A humbling, moving collection of images; we should all stop and take a look. Hendrick’s is particularly striking, perhaps because it’s a little too human. I suggest a read of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation; a truly inspiring book in defence of animals.

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