Happy New Year ! 2017


By Warhol, Andy - 'The Holly Shoe' (The typography composition by myself)

By Warhol, Andy – ‘The Holly Shoe’  (The typography composition added it’s by myself)




By Janetta Murrie

By Janetta Murrie



Happy New Year to everyone,

‘Get your dancing shoes on this year – such a fun way of getting ‘exercise by accident’ Do you agree?

Janetta Murrie





By Joy Saint James

By Joy Saint James

Hey, there, sweeties.  Happy New Year!

Joy Saint James










By Francesca Howard

By Francesca Howard

What a great idea!

‘Walking into the New Year in Style!’
Wishing you a very Happy Arty New Year!
Francesca Howard

Cherished Janetta, Joy and Francesca, your share was a true pleasure. All the merit is yours.
Dear friends and followers, thanks for your visits.
I wish a Happy New  2017  for everybody!  Now you can enjoy this funny and suitable link  :

Hi Folks, today,  just this sunrise, I have received a request from a known follower lady of this blog.

So here is the accomplishment of her petition, with the picture and the video.


These boots are made for walking” the Streets of New York.

Health and Happiness for 2017!     XO



Nancy Sinatra – These boots are made for walkin’


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47 responses to “Happy New Year ! 2017

  1. ¡Que tengas un Feliz Año Nuevo! Besotes 🙂

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  2. Happy New Year to you and yours. 🙂

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  3. Have a good year. Best wishes.

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  4. Happy New Year!! 🙂


  5. And a very Happy and Joyfully Creative New Year to you! 🥂✨

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  6. Happy New year to you! Keep inspiring us! Continue message at my latest blog post

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  7. Happy New Year may it be filled with health, joy and success. :o)

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  8. Happy New Year!

    Best wishes X

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  9. Happy New Year may this year be filled with success 😀


  10. Happy New Year. I wish I had worn those boots on the dance floor last night as I have sore feet today, oops, Chloe https://pinkiebag.com/


  11. Wishing you an excellent 2⃣0⃣1⃣7⃣ ahead!… all the best! 😀

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  12. Thank you for the lovely compilation with my boots (plus Nancy Sinatra)! I am so sorry to have cut it to the quick on the deadline! I hope all is well with you and yours.
    XO d.

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    • Oh dearest Dievca! Now I’m so glad because you like it. Don’t worry about time, finally everything was in its place, and everybody happy. To me all this was a true pleasure and a pride. Thanks for your kind words and happy new 2017 to you. XO ❤

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  13. Hello, my dear…. A Happy New Year to you too… Kisses

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  14. Thank you so much dear
    Je te souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2017
    Tous mes meilleurs voeux
    bisous de Madagascar

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  15. Esta vez te comento en español porque voy pillada de tiempo pero no quería dejarlo para más tarde. Me encanta la iniciativa que has hecho y opino que deberías hacer más entradas así en un futuro, pidiendo fotos a los seguidores sobre cierto tema, recopilarlas y hacer una pequeña selección 🙂 Muy original y divertido!!

    Feliz año a ti también^^

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    • Hola Íssima ¡qué contento me dejas! No puedes imaginar lo importante que es tu opinión para mi, y por tanto para este blog. Tu sensatez siempre es bienvenida. Hay algo en esta publicación que hace que coincidamos en la esencia: la participación. Poco antes de esta convocatoria sobre calzado, hubo otra que no llegó a cuajar, pese a haber sido tan favorablemente acogida. Aquella proponía compartir antiguas fotos de infancia o juventud de los seguidores/as.
      Aunque Internet crea razonables recelos, estoy seguro que la familiaridad y confianza que va ganando día a día esta modesta comunidad, no tardará en dar nuevos frutos a estas iniciativas, sin dejar de ser fiel al espíritu original del sitio que está en el Dibujo. Estoy feliz de que te haya divertido, pero sobre todo de que estés a mi lado en este tipo de actividades. Que el año que iniciamos te sea todo lo favorable a tus intereses y sentimientos. Y… un millón de gracias por haberte acercado y comentado. ¡El beso!

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      • Hi again sir!
        Ok yes, I think that is a beuatiful idea and next time I will participate too 🙂 but maybe you had to warn me because you know sometimes I don’t realise of updates.

        People didn’t colaborate the last time? Well, I think chilhood photos could be too personal or private, do you? could be a possibility.

        A huge kiss!^^ 🙂

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      • Aww I’m pleased to greet you again 🙂 You’re right, I didn’t warn you the event with shoes. I’m so sorry. I perfectly understand what you mean, but we should remember that some pictures haven’t information about identity. They’re just a bunch of pixels and the resolution for a picture of a gravatar helps the anonymity of people. The goal was only playing and not investigate 😀 Thanks so much for your clever comments. The lark is so sleepy… 😉

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      • So true, I didn’t realized it 😦 Thanks dear Owl Teacher. ❤

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      • Didn’t people collaborate…* sorry 🙂

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