Plants, trees, botanical and still life. Suzie’s courtesy

HI SISTERS ! Today we have a new great contribution from Dublin, by our friend Suzie Peron: a follower and also an inspired artist.

Suzie Peron posing with sunglasses

Thanks so much to her, and thanks so much to all of you for your visits. Enjoy the spring!

By Vrúbel, Mijaíl Aleksándrovich – Bouquet

By Van Gogh – Roots, study of a tree

By Singer Sargent – Gourds

By Hokusai, Katsushika – Cherry blossoms and warbler

By Burchfield, Charles E. – Study of thorny plants

A CONTRIBUTION by Peron, Suzie – Still-life

By Da Vinci – Study of the branches of a plant

By Dalí – ‘Te doy mi corazón’ (‘I give you my heart’)

By Hackert, Jakob Philipp – Pine tree

By Grasset, Eugene S. – Lilacs


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12 responses to “Plants, trees, botanical and still life. Suzie’s courtesy

  1. Vrubel is the great watercolour painter! I like this “Bouquet” so much… But my favorite one is his “Rose”!

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  2. Las flores son un lindo tema para plasmar en el arte. Mi preferido es el hermoso bouquet de Vrúbel. Besos


    • Hola Pat, qué cierto lo que dices. Las blancas flores están formadas por sutiles manchas de acuarela que aparentemente forman el conjunto de transparencias. Sorprendentemente el efecto tridimensional del blanco lo conforma el fondo o base de papel blanco. El autor plasmó mucho cariño en esta obra. Gracias por tu comentario y besos.💜

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  3. These are lovely, as usual. 🙂


  4. Thank you for including me in your wonderful post Sketch Universe. I am honoured to be in such good company. SP X

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