The Ultimate Easter Egg DIY Roundup: 40 colorful and unique ways to decorate your eggs!


We're Going to Make it

Easter is fast approaching and that means you gotta get all your ducks (or eggs) in a row for the big day. Luckily, today we’ve got the ultimate Easter egg DIY roundup for you! There are so many incredible and fun Easter egg DIY’s out there that I just wanted to share them all with you! Let us know in the comments if you try any of them or which one is your favorite. I definitely will have to stock up on eggs next time I’m at the store.

DIY Easter Eggs Roundup by Popcorn and Chocolate

I don’t even know where to start all of these DIYs are so clever but I guess we should jump right in, yes? As a disclaimer: none of these images are my own, I have linked the source of the DIY to the owner.

1. DIY Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs, by The Crafted Life
How fun are these?? Warning: I’m probably going…

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11 responses to “The Ultimate Easter Egg DIY Roundup: 40 colorful and unique ways to decorate your eggs!

  1. Loved this! Such great ideas. Hard to pick a favorite.

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    • Hi Catherine! I’m so glad you like it. Your opinion is important. You’re a great artist and you’re invited to publish your sketches or drawings in this blog. Below the header you will see the mail address. Have a nice day dear 💙💜💚


  2. My favs are mainly chocolate. Happy Easter x

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  3. very beautiful creations for easter!

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  4. Thanks for sharing our post! So many amazing Easter DIYs out there!

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  5. Best wishes ,happy Easter time.


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