Boats, ships, sea, beach, shore and rivers (with an special contribution)

HI SISTERS ! Today we have a new great contribution from U.K. by a follower and also an inspired artist.

She is the blogger of Creativity in my other life

By Redon – A boat

By Monet – Two men fishing

A CONTRIBUTION by the blogger of Outside Authority – Untitled

By Waterhouse, J. W. – Sketch for ‘Miranda and the tempest’

By Singer Sargent – Study of a salmon

By Hopper – Sailors in front a tidal wave

By Barceló, M. – The fishbone

By Sorolla, Joaquín – ‘Valencia beach. Six bulls into the sea’

By Hockney, David – Untitled

By McNeill Whistler – Venice


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7 responses to “Boats, ships, sea, beach, shore and rivers (with an special contribution)

  1. If I had to choose from all the followers, maybe this artist, would be among my favorites. I have great admiration for the way she captures and depicts her environment, with passion and depth. She has asked me not to publish her name. Perhaps that decission makes her greater. Thanks a million and congrats to this anonymous artist.

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  2. Oh wow! Thank you SU. Even though I knew it was coming, what a great surprise! I feel so honoured. And to sneak a place alongside these greats – what a marvelous feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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