Red Jacket



Red Jacket was a still life assignment in class.  I usually don’t care for painting a still life subject, but this one I was eager to paint. I love Red and Jackets! I must own 20 or 30 (much to my husband’s chagrin!) I began the painting in class and then finished it up in the evening at home.

Adding more life and movement into the piece with the shadows and blending really made it start to “pop”. Not quite sure about the orange heels though! They were actually more of a gold color, but I like the contrast of the two bright colors against each other.

I originally saw my Mom in this painting. The jacket is something she would wear and the mum – she loves flowers. I was not to surprised when she saw it and loved it! This one’s for you Mom – Enjoy!

10"x 14" Pastel Still-Life on Canson Pastel Paper 10″x 14″…

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6 responses to “Red Jacket

  1. i love the colors in this one )

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    • Aww Beth, so true. I remember a day at the school when I was a child and I liked to play with some colour pencils and discovered the lovely combination between red, orange, yellow and pink. Thanks for your kind comment and have a nice day, dear ❤

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  2. Thank you so much for the Reblog!! You made my week😀. Glad you like it!!

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  3. Nia Anglade

    Wow, this looks really nice.

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