Hats. Beginning with a Star Style

Hi sisters, this section was suggested by Mirna Morgan.


‘Obrigado’ my dear, thanks again for your inspiration. Thanks a lot for your visits.

By Donovan, Bill – Star style

By Munch, Edvard – A lady with a hat

By Kirchner, E. L. – An smoker

By Von Zichy, Mihaly – A countrywoman

By Gestel, Leo – A lady with blue hat and green bow

By Gavarni, Paul – A gentleman

By Luini, Bernardino – Half-body lady

By Hopper, E. – Hat

By Durran, Jacqueline – Design of an outfit seen from rear

By Sorolla, Joaquín – Lady and gentleman


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8 responses to “Hats. Beginning with a Star Style

  1. Really like the first one and Half-body lady by Luini. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ericajoy

    How would someone go about buying your work?


    • Hello Erica, I apologize for my delay. Just now I’m replying comments of my blog, some made a month ago because I was so busy and I waited my holidays for a nice answer. I’m sorry but at the moment I have not works to sale. But I appraise a lot your purpose. Thanks a million, dear!


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