Testing new art pens

Hi sisters ! This is a wonderful and colorful heart like yours. Cheers ! 🌈

Jackie G Mills

Got these brand spanking new Faber Castell Brush Pens and just love them! Blends beautifully with a bit of water – almost like water colour pencils. Can’t wait to try them with a Mixed Media project on my next Art Journal page. Black outline was done with a fine tip Steadler pen.

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8 responses to “Testing new art pens

  1. We are on the same wavelength….I just purchased some myself to share with a group I am working with…I love them….and will be taking some to Hampshire this weekend where i will be painting. Love the image…and enjoy a fantastic weekend…janet 🙂 x

    • Hi Janet, I’m so sorry for my delay. Finally saturday has arrived. Everything you will do this weekend is a good reason to be so glad. Please let me know on sunday night. My dear, I’m sending you a hug. Happy weekend 💌

      • I had a lovely weekend, and the pens were used a lot…they are superb for sketching and all sorts of other things…definitely part of my tool box now. Have a wonderful creative week…janet xx

      • Hi sugar, what you said is so interesting. Some time ago I used some different sorts of reeds and chinese ink. Thanks for your comment and have a nice week ❤

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