Letters, diaries and manuscripts. Beginning with Red

By Marc, Franz – Red writing

By Burne-Jones, Edward – Dedicated to Katie

By Manet – Letter for Zacharie Astruc

By Picabia, Francis – Littérature

By Picasso – The Dove of Peace

By Coulon, M. A. – Questa notte

By Hopper – Monterrey cathedral

By Grosz, George – A bar scene

By Gauguin – Leda

By Van Gogh – A housewife


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10 responses to “Letters, diaries and manuscripts. Beginning with Red

  1. The Gauguin and the van Gogh; and the Manet too!

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    • Hi Elisa, I’m so sorry for my delay, but at the same time, I’m glad sharing our choices between the masterpieces. Among these three you told, my favourite is the Manet’s one. Thanks so much for let your opinion. Good evening ❤

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  2. Hello dear friend! Your themed blog posts are very beautiful! I love the fact that you encourage so much other artists and that you promote the art blogs that you admire. Have a wonderful and creative day! Mihaela

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