What Do We Leave To The Imagination?


Katie Kuo

tumblr_o82npxohn61qz6f9yo3_1280A beautiful quote from Rei Kawakubo “For something to be beautiful, it doesn’t have to be pretty”. The words are golden because we all have our own perception of what is beautiful, yet somehow when I reflect on what we leave to the imagination as a society, the answer is not much. When we think of it as individuals, we have the ability of how much we reveal of ourselves. To leave something to the imagination means to not show or describe all of the parts or details of something. Have you ever read a book, then watched the movie and felt as if the book were better? It’s common in these cases, because our imaginations can create a world that seems even more alive and vibrant in our own mind.

Leaving something to the imagination, is not also in relation to what we wear, but in every aspect of…

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8 responses to “What Do We Leave To The Imagination?

  1. I totally agree with this and often discuss it when giving a painting workshop. Everything is better when something is left to the imagination. I love this image. Janet .x

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    • Dear Janet, I’m sorry for my delay. Last days I’m so busy but I’m because this feedback. So true, the imagination often is the best solution for a lot of matters. Thanks for your friendly comment😘


  2. Coincido contigo. Es realmente un placer perdernos y explorar nuestra imaginación que es ilimitada y dejarla volar. Saludos, Patricia

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    • Hola Pat, siento mi retraso, pero cuánto me alegro de compartir esa idea. La imaginación y el azar a veces da buenos frutos, sólo se trata d saberlos detectar. Gracias por tu comentario. Q pases un buen día.💐💐💐

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing the article! xx

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