U.S.A. and the Climate Change

Hi Sisters, two days ago, U.S.A. tossed in the trash, the Paris Agreement about Climate Change.

In my opinion this isn’t only a shameless decision, also is a treason to their allies. Like an european citizen I feel so disappointed.

Thanks so much for your visits and comments!

By Burchfield, Charles – Unknown title


The U.S. President

China and India are confronting climate change way faster than expected



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8 responses to “U.S.A. and the Climate Change

  1. Wonderful sketch! Great! 🙂

  2. Es increíble cómo un gobernante de un país tan poderoso como Estados Unidos no es todavía consciente que debemos cuidar el planeta porque vivimos en él y las generaciones venideras también lo harán y qué les espera. Besos

    • Hola Patricia, como bien dices tu, resulta increíble. Al menos nos queda manifestar nuestra disconformidad frente a esa actitud tan irresponsable y tan temeraria. El planeta ya no va a soportar tantas locuras. Gracias por dejar tu opinión. Que pases un buen día 🌈💙

  3. It is indeed shocking…that anyone can be as stupid as Trump!. …..Enjoy your day x

  4. We are shocked here in Canada. Canada is increasing its military spending by 70% over 10 years, because we can’t count on the USA anymore. Go figure!

    • Hi Res! I’m sorry for my delay. I agree with you. Weapons never won’t be solutions instead are the problem.Thanks so much for your friendly comment😃and have a nice day 🌈💙

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