With Synesthesia, Sometimes the World Tastes a Lot Like Purple…

HI SISTERS, LIFE ARE COLOURS ! Have a nice day 🎨


Zernone is a delicious-sounding name.  It tastes like the color orange, but not as good as the color blue.  The letter N is an orange  letter and the letter E is a blue letter. However, the name Zernone has both some blue and orange with a hint of that sour purple in the letter Z.


When I was younger, I thought that everyone else’s numbers and letters had tastes and colors.  When I would voice my perception of colors and letters, I thought that others saw me as odd because they saw different colors.  It was not until Jr. High School that I learned that not only was I the only who saw  that the E was a blue letter, but I was the only one who thought letters had any color or smell whatsoever.


It was not until 3 years ago that I realized that I have Synesthesia. Synesthesia…

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8 responses to “With Synesthesia, Sometimes the World Tastes a Lot Like Purple…

  1. i have always been fascinated by this –

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    • Dear Beth I admit that since my childhood I relate vocal a’ with the red colour, e’ with green, i’ with yellow, o’ with blue and u’ with grey. Sometimes all this can be an advantage. Thanks for your comment 🌸🌷🌼😘

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  2. I always thought it was normal too, as did my mother. It was years before I learned about Synaesthesia. MIne’s quite mild – I see letters and months in colours and shapes.

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  3. My world is colored , too. I thought it was normal. Sometimes it isn’t easy to

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  4. …. Share my world …. with someone

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