Day 7/100 – Culinary Herbs


Inspiration in Focus

Day 007 - Culinary Herbs (4).JPG Culinary Herbs. Micron Ink and Watercolor. 2017.

As many of you know, I have a passion for food, and so many sketches end up being ignited by the kitchen inspiration.

This one is of a dozen of my favorite culinary herbs, and many of these  I grown here in Spokane in my garden space. Flavor in our kitchen is created with a  blend of both dried spices and fresh ones like these.  We have plant starts under grow lights that will be transplanted out to the pots on the back porch once we are part the last-frost date, which here in the Inland Northwest is around May 15th.

Anyone else doing plant starts to be transplanted outside later?

May your day be inspired!


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June 12, 2017 · 9:00 AM

2 responses to “Day 7/100 – Culinary Herbs

  1. A mí me encanta el romero por su aroma y el rico gusto que le da a la comida, así que hace poco planté una matita de romero en mi jardín. No había pensado tener romero en una macetita en mi cocina pero sería una magnífica idea! saludos, Patricia

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    • Hola, el romero es uno d los indispensables. Por ejemplo nunca entenderia carne d cordero sin él. Pero la mejorana es muy digestiva y a las sopas, verduras y ensaladas les da un toque de “delicatessen”. Gracias por opinar. Q pases buen dia😘

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