Cindy Mangomini | Fashion Illustrator


Katie Kuo

2013-week-50-how-to-live-like-a-french-girl-673x480Cindy is an illustrator and blogger from Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. She graduated at the art school Fontys Academy of Visual Arts, specializing in illustrative design. Her work is all handmade, where she likes to mix materials and techniques. Cindy uses a mix of acrylic paint, gouache, water colour, colour pencils, pen and ink and collage technique. She loves using lino cuts which she cuts out of old floor parts and hand print on recycled paper using acrylic paint. She tries to use as much water based paint and recycled materials as possible.

After graduating she started working in fashion. She worked as a visual merchandiser and then carried on opening up her own boutique. When she was a shop owner, she started her Mangomini blog where she posted drawings of what she wore. She is a regular contributor at Hello Giggles and Sparknotes. When she is not drawing things she…

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6 responses to “Cindy Mangomini | Fashion Illustrator

  1. so glamour!
    nice sketch!
    have a nice we

  2. Mercé

    It reminds me of a game of childhood where we cut the clothes printed on a sheet of paper and dressed a doll of cardboard

    • Dear Mercè, your friendly and lovely comment brings to us sweet memories. I’m so sure that your thought was in the mind of a lot of followers. Thanks so much my cherished ❤

    • Hola Pat ! Me alegra que te gustaran esos dibujos. Representar lo que nos gusta es duplicar el placer. Agradezco mucho compartir tu comentario. Que pases un bonito domingo.

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