Animals love

HI SISTERS! They are animals like us and they leave us very good lessons. I adore this great sketch. Good beginning for a monday !


Animal love,
They love us as much as we love them
We same how help each other out and not know it till we stop and take the time to think about it.
Yes we feed the and clean then but am talking more then that
We play together, we sleep with are animals, cry with them. I know if on of my pass way I bury it in a ground in a special spot by a big rock.
They play with my kids and the help keep them safe

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2 responses to “Animals love

  1. mmerce60

    Sometimes I learn from them of their unconditional love. By the way a very beautiful drawing.


  2. Thank you 😊 my animals are my best friends, they been there though Brain surgery with me and getting back on me feet when I had known one but them, they are my life line


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