A funny cat. By Kendra

Hello Sisters, last August, the 9th I already introduced you this little artist and one of her sketches. Today we’ve got achieved another expressive and fresh work. 

Don’t miss her name: Kendra, she is ten years old and she lives in Barcelona so close of her aunt Mercè, a known follower of this blog.

Congrats little Artist, and thanks so much to all of you, for your visits!

By Kendra – A funny cat



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One response to “A funny cat. By Kendra

  1. mmerce60

    Thanks to Sketchuniverse for posting a new work by Kendra. I think it will go far, I do not know if I’m an artist, but I’m sure it will do something important. She is a fantastic person. Of course I do not give impartial, I am his aunt !!!


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