Now and Then

HI BEAUTIES! I ADORE THIS WISE THOUGHT: “Life is as beautiful as it is painful. And you can’t have one without the other” 📋👓😊

Sabrina Coryell -Two Minutes To Bliss

I filled this red sachet with some rose petals I’d dried and saved and attached it to the page with safety-pin. When the scent of the petals fades I can add new ones or a drop or two of rose essential oil.

Hello Beauties

I needed to take some quiet time at the end of last week and over the weekend to grieve for the loss of my mother, and of her most personal jewelry, especially her wedding ring which “went missing,” at some point after her death.

It wasn’t there when we went to her house to collect her photo albums, art works and other personal items, even though my grandmother’s jewelry, which was far more expensive, was left behind.

While I am very grateful to have those pieces, which also hold history, it doesn’t make up for what was taken and what is gone.Those pieces…

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2 responses to “Now and Then

  1. mmerce60

    I really like collages, beautiful! And the very real thought, so you value the best moments of your life after the painful moments.


  2. These are lovely pictures 🙂

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