Willow Pattern

✒📋 Hello lovelies ! These works seem the poetic compositions in which the typographical arrangement tries to represent the content of the poem, and are known as “CALLIGRAMS”. Enjoy !

Elizabeth Longwill

I’ve always loved the Willow Pattern I think it comes from finding bits of the blue and white China in the garden as a child. I was convinced if I collected all the bits I would be able to make a whole plate. Every garden seems to have fragments of these plates in I never really understood why! These drawings were done in combination with the lyrics from a Mary Coughlan song ‘like the wind takes a leaf from a tree, time will take your love from me’. You can read more about the story of the Willow Pattern here.

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13 responses to “Willow Pattern

  1. Jaya Singh

    These are beautiful

    Liked by 2 people

  2. mmerce60

    I like the calligrams very much. They combine two beautiful things writing and drawing. Congratulations to the artist!


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