The feline soul

Hi folks!

Can pets reflect the look of their owners?

Or instead the owners catch their soul?

Your opinion is important here

Thanks so much for your visits !

By Santos, A. – Untitled



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18 responses to “The feline soul

  1. There’s a tremendous connection with our pets, some people do kind of resemble their pets, pets do reflect the personality of their owners. 😊

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  2. mmerce60

    Magnificent drawing Congratulations to the artist! Our coexistence with pets makes us enter into a kind of communion with them


  3. Awesome art….At times we become one in heart and soul.


  4. I think a cat chooses an owner who they find kindred to themselves. My little tiger communicates with me in a series of Meowls – I’m a talkative owner and he’s a talkative cat. We suit one another very well, he shuns everyone else in my house!

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