Weekly Reflection 6

👶Hello lovelies! A long time ago, adults explained that babies were brought by the storks of Paris😁

Greta GY

24/10/18 – 25/10/18


Written: 18/11/18


1. Observational drawing

That week we drew another pile of chairs. This is my second time drawing the chairs.

We were allowed to choose parts of the construction we wanted to draw and come up with a composition ourselves.

I like how it came out (even though I wasn’t able to finish it completely). I like that I managed to capture the contrast, shadows and light that was there. The composition I came up with is, in my opinion, good but not too intriguing. This time I didn’t place the objects in the centre so it’s a little more interesting and effective. To improve I should have worked a little faster and maybe more expressively but overall I am happy with my drawing. The size of the paper was double A1, materials – charcoal.

2. Printmaking

That week I continued with experimentation for…

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3 responses to “Weekly Reflection 6

  1. mmerce60

    Congratulations to the artist!


  2. Wow, that is a really beautiful and accurate drawing of the chair stack. I’m so jealous, what talent!

    Liked by 1 person

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