Tribute to Laura, artist and teacher

Dear followers, in Spain unfortunately we have to regret another new murder of gender violence.

By Luelmo, Laura – ‘Tu oportunidad eres tú’ (‘Your chance is you’). A design for International Women’s Day

Laura Luelmo Hernández, illustrator, painter and drawer of 26 years. She studied masters in Drawing and Design in Valencia and Madrid, to be a teacher. Her body has been found. It is assumed that she died between the past 14th and 15th of December.

The autopsy performed on the teacher reveals that she was the victim of a sexual assault. In his statement, the confessed murderer, affirmed a few hours ago that he tried to rape her, but that he did not succeed despite the fact that the assaulted woman was unconscious.

The police suspect that his assailant will “strike her with a blunt object” the fatal blow to the forehead that, according to the first results of the autopsy, was the cause of death.



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11 responses to “Tribute to Laura, artist and teacher

  1. mmerce60

    Very sad! 😢

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  2. Thank you for letting us know, I’m deeply saddened.

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