Nasturtium screen print culottes


mod conned

nasturtium_print_sportsfield_shoot5_web At my favourite tree in my favourite hang-out spot. I come here to unwind everyday. I plan on painting this spot soon.

These culottes are fresh from my desk. I’ve been working on them for weeks – it has been a challenge to make them come to life from my initial concept. I used Diane Deziel’s youtube tutorial on Pants block pattern drafting and then also the Pants/skirt (culottes) tutorial to draw up my own tailor made pattern this time – until now I have worked with commercial sewing patterns.


I worked this 6 colour print up from a watercolour still-life I made of some nasturtiums in an Oriental vase. The flowers are from my garden and the vase is one Mum gave to me she found it at an op-shop.

I love the character of nasturtium foliage and flowers they are so complex and a bit tendril-y but also…

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February 2, 2019 · 10:19 PM

One response to “Nasturtium screen print culottes

  1. mmerce60

    Good job! 👌


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