The mighty world of Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943)

Yesterday I visited an exhibition of Charlotte Salomon, and in most of her work she has a vision with multiple perspectives. Sometimes her approach or framing can remind the fish eye. Thanks for your visits !

By Salomon, Charlotte – Scene of people on the shore



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3 responses to “The mighty world of Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943)

  1. mmerce60

    An admirable woman and work is impressive, for such a short life😥


  2. Charlotte Salomon is one of my favorite artists. I first saw her work in Jerusalem and then read her book, Life? Or Theater? Her paintings have it all, emotion, movement, and meaning. It is exciting to open your blog just now and see her work. Can you tell me where you saw the exhibition?


    • Hi Sarah, I’m sorry for my delay. So true, dear, her works are full of emotion. They’re so expressive. I saw the exhibition last saturday in Barcelona. Last sunday was the last day. The guide explained that the exhibition was about more than two hundred of paintings (‘Gouache’ exactly) but her works known are more than seven hundred. Thanks for your comment. Good night and happy dreams 😍

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