Ask the artist – 10 questions with Geraldine Montgomerie


Ask the artist

Who are you and what do you make or do? My name is Geraldine Montgomerie and I am a drawing magpie.

Where might we have come across your work before? As a member of the Leeds ‘Sketch That’ drawing club I make an appearance at the annual show and the Leeds Love Arts Festival. I have been a band’s artist from London’s No Cars to Cardiff’s Radstewart. I also make and contribute to fanzines.

Geraldine Montgomerie 5

What is your usual starting point when making work? I generally sit down in a comfy spot with some crisp white card, a heavy book (to lean on), some Uniball needle eye pens and a visual reference point. This might be images from an online search engine, my own photos or another artist’s work.

Who or what are your main influences? I take a lot of drawing tips from comic artists. I love the fearless use…

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One response to “Ask the artist – 10 questions with Geraldine Montgomerie

  1. mmerce60

    Some funny drawings Congratulations to the artist!👏


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