Embrace These Creative Stumbling Blocks In Order To Finish


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Back in 1999, I took a quilting class with Ruth B. McDowell to learn how to design pictorial pieced quilts. At the time, I was struggling to find a way to make representational quilts without using applique. While I learned what I hoped to in her class, making the quilt I designed taught me some unexpected lessons about avoiding creative stumbling blocks.

Baron Von Ruffhausen. Quilt by Ruth B. McDowell (2004)

It’s easy to stall out on a project when you discover that something is wrong or your ideas aren’t working at all. While making Violets Are Red, I hit several points where I could have gotten stuck. Instead, my eagerness to finish this quilt helped me over the bumps, and I learned three things to remember whenever I create something.

Mistakes happen. While McDowell covered ways to keep the sewing simple, I still wound up with some inside…

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  1. mmerce60

    I love. All a work of art, congratulations!😍


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