Four Seasons Concert


Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

On Saturday I spent about 6 hours, mostly backstage, at Castillero Middle School‘s concert. I was hoping not only to capture and share a glimpse of what goes into those last few hours before a concert but also to get a bit closer to wrapping my head around that giant effort that it takes to make something like this come together.

Here are my sketches from that afternoon and evening. I’m going to try a different format from the usual because this is a pretty long reportage piece: The regular type is reportage. The italicized bits might be interesting to you if you are a sketcher; otherwise you can skip them.

3:10pm The afternoon started at San Jose State University’s Music Building. This is just one room full of kids from two orchestras (Chamber and Avant) practicing their pieces before their last rehearsal on stage. Some play in…

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