Exploring The Abyss #MerMay2019 – New Release



Exploring The Abyss – #mermay2019 Watercolor ©CarolinaRusso

Exploring The Abyss #mermay2019

The month of May is almost over and so the #mermay Art Challenge.  I love painting mermaids and sadly this year I had no time, I was only able to create one new mermaid to include in my existing Mermaids Collection.  I painted only one but I am very happy with my painting and who said that time is over for creating Mermaids? Yes the challenge is over but I can create new Mermaids whenever I want! 😉

Today I am excited to share with you myNew Release” of my Mermaid painting having the title  “Exploring The Abyss”  I painted in my traditional and signature style watercolor and ink. If you followed my recent posts on Instagram you remember this mermaid because I was showing my work in progress with some sneak peek,  from the pencil…

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10 responses to “Exploring The Abyss #MerMay2019 – New Release

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog! I am happy that you love my mermaid and yes they exist…<3

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  2. So beautiful and whimsical!

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  3. Carolina’s work is very beautiful and her mermaid series is fabulous!

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  4. mmerce60

    Aquest mermaid dibuix is fantastic! Congratulate the artist! 🐬


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