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Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

One of the most fun workshops I organize is for  Stillman & Birn. S&B has a huge line of sketchbooks in an assortment of papers and for those wondering what paper works best for them, this workshop is a time to test and experiment all while exploring some fun techniques.

Last weekend we built little accordion folds out of a sample pack of paper and then tried different techniques across them. My demo focussed on a technique I’m using more and more in my sketchbooks.

There’s a lot I love about gouache and I like using that thick, creamy paint in my sketches sometimes. But carrying two separate kits for watercolor and gouache is more than I want in my bag. For quick gouache effects, I carry one tube of permanent white gouache and a waterbrush I use to dip directly into the tube. And voila! with just this…

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One response to “Playing, Experimenting, Discovering

  1. mmerce60

    They are perfect, the cactus, the second floor. Congratulations to the artist!


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