🆘😱 HELLO SISTERS, THIS DRAWING IS GREAT, BUT WARNING: THEY’RE NOT BRITISH HUNTERS, THEY’RE SIMPLY MONSTERS! https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/do-not-repeal-the-fox-hunting-ban-1

Suzy Sharpe Artist Illustrator

#30daychallege researching a charity every day @official_rspca today our local branch “The Centre comprises: Kennels for 42 dogs and pens for 40 cats. Accommodation for a wide range of small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils. An aviary for wild birds where they can recover from trauma before being released. A compound for swans, geese and ducks which need rest and recuperation. A fully-equipped veterinary room for our twice weekly visiting vet to health check and treat the animals in our care. An administration building which houses our offices, Reception, staff room and a Conference room for training and meetings. There is also a small shop selling pet foods and equipment, both new and good quality items kindly donated to us. We also have various secure outside paddocks for exercising, training and socialising dogs.”

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  1. 😊 Congrats Suzy. Your drawing could possibly be admired by Leonardo da Vinci for its perfect proportions. Although it is seen on his back, the fox is perfectly represented.


  2. mmerce60

    A beautiful painting, and an important message. Congratulations to the artist! And thanks for remembering these beautiful animals.


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