Watercolor: Again with Food


Arts and Whatnots by Mymy

I needed a break from digital art and went back to the basics; traditional. I love acrylics and oil painting, but canvasses are not accessible as much as papers, hence watercolor is the closest friend.

20190218_142543_273 the kind of clutter i needed while I declutter my mind

these are my old drawings from a FoodPorn series I did, but I tweaked them using my new handy watercolor box. These were unfinished until now.


20190218_154246_057 Is there any abracadabra i can do to make this real?

Watercolor painting is personal therapy. Solace and zen. Meditation. 🧘‍♀️😌 And hunger 🍔🍨🍩. (digital art somehow disrupts my eyes and numbs my fingers with long hours). Will practice more to improve my skills, to be honest, i ain’t satisfied yet in terms of achieving realism. but i like them all. 🙂

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched…

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13 responses to “Watercolor: Again with Food

  1. I love it and it makes me hungry)


  2. I just started doing watercolor and not knowing exactly how the paint will look when it’s dry is both frustrating and fascinating. But then you have a lot more talent than me.

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    • Dear Georgia, you depicted so well two facts about creation process: both frustrating and fascinating. Watercolor can be always amazing if you allow its free expression of this wonderful stuff. I already suppose you know that we should work beginning with bright colours to the dark ones. Also that we should avoid use the black colour, although manufacturers sell it. I don’t know if you listened any time that you can take a white stick of wax to isolate areas (wax versus water is the trick). Finnally I recommend you spend your money picking high quality when you buy brushes. These tools and a suitable paper are more important than the same colours. Have a funny experience and… luck !!!

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  3. mmerce60

    The most beautiful and beautiful things in the world can not be seen nor touched, but must be felt with their hearts!🥧😋


  4. Definitely all good enough to eat:) x

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  5. thanks for the feature and warm comments ❤ 🙂


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