Faux Christmas Candy Earrings + Polymer Clay Tutorial


Learn Polymer Clay

Hello dear friends!

I just like this time of the year – when we start looking for inspiration for Christmas decorations and Christmas ideas for the house, for your wardrobe, for your holiday look.

It might seem too soon, but when you have children around there’s not such thing as too soon to prepare for Christmas. And, of course, my son is no exception:)

But, as I said, I’m a child at heart myself and I love these preparations as well.

Which explains this clay tutorial and the following ones that I intend to make.

Now and then I like to make canes. And this was the perfect moment to use my Christmas tree cutter and a star cutter to make an easy-peasy Christmas tree cane.

I have to tell you that I used a brand of clay that is slightly too soft for making canes, but I really wanted…

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3 responses to “Faux Christmas Candy Earrings + Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. Thank you my dear friend for sharing my Christmas inspired post. I’m very grateful for it. I’m also grateful for your beautiful friendship. And for the way you encouraged and supported me all this time. I’m wishing you a beautiful and joy filled day! Hugs!

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  2. mmerce60

    Good ear candy. Merry Christmas! 🤶🏻


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