Persimmon 2019


Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

Can’t let a year go by without painting persimmons. They’re not a fruit I eat. But I love
1) That they’re orange. my favorite color. 2) That they mean I was at Gay’s home in the Santa Cruz mountains with her and Nina when the persimmons turned orange.

We painted them on the tree, cooked up some plans for a new sketching adventure we’ll be leading in 2020 (more on that soon) and then I brought some home.

Here’s the 2019 collection of persimmon.

Back at home, playing around.

Painting a bunch with my daughter. Her watercolor piece in the back.

And one last lone persimmon.

It’s been a busy and a crazy year, art-wise. I taught a lot of workshops and had some fantastic sketching adventures. I started working on the Faces of Recovery project. New workshop announcements, a big project I’m working towards finishing early in the…

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6 responses to “Persimmon 2019

  1. mmerce60

    So good or so beautiful! 🍑🥰


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