The sky is up – have a look!


cosmic holly

Oh my gosh! Itโ€™s been a wild ride, yes?

I finished the Sky Pixel series about two weeks ago. I just got the photos back from the photographer and have been busy creating pages for each painting. Sky Pixel is about the tug-of-war between Nature and technology. Itโ€™s ironic how our computers and social media often seem to isolate us, yet in this time of quarantine, they bring us together.

View the page here, or check out the work below.

Sky Pixel

The Sky Pixel Series is a meditation on the relationship between a cold mechanized world and the sensual world of Nature. No matter how much we build, no matter how much technology we rely upon, no matter how many satellites we send into the earthโ€™s atmosphere, no matter how much we try to control, the sky is wild and is all around us. It touches us, weโ€ฆ

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April 4, 2020 · 9:34 PM

8 responses to “The sky is up – have a look!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! Thank you.

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  2. one more thanks – in a way it’s been strange to hang all this work, and then, not be able to show it. the pieces will be up for two more months, but the town is not on lockdown, but almost. no gatherings. so the pieces as they are live are not being seen. gratitude for posting. be well!

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