Hi folks !

American police are killing with racist reasons, one more time.

Last May week (2020) was happened another murder, this time in Minneapolis.

This is only a blog for sketchers, illustrators and another artists, but we shouldn’t be blind in front this wild , cruel and absurd fact that lasts so much.

We have no weapons, but we can complaint and the protest is absolutely legitimate.

Thanks for your visits!

By Damra, Shirien – A tribute for George Floyd

By Damra, Shirien – A tribute for Breonna Taylor
By Damra, Shirien – A tribute for Ahmaud Arbery
Policeman Derek Chauvin strangulating George Floyd.
Last week in Minneapolis.


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19 responses to “🇺🇸 AWFUL AMERICAN SYSTEM 🇺🇸

  1. You are absolutely right! Unfortunately a lot of hate incited by the man in power, Trunp, so sad…

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  2. Thank you. So utterly tragic.

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  3. Their behaviour is utterly unacceptable. So sad. The police should uphold the law not break it!

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