Dancing on my own


Summerhill Lane

Play with my strings by Summerhill Lane

Dancing on my own

love to dance, always have

mustang bore the sticker on the back bumper

Body moves with every tune

No matter fast or slow the beat

Husband one had no rhythm

Husband two had no moves

Husband three doesn’t exist

Just made that up to extend the list

Male number one kept me in his room

No music playing

No dance shoes shinning

No invitations to a gathering

With swaying bodies

All smiles and laughter

The energy rising to the rafters

Grown boy two

He had the moves it was plan to see

But he didn’t share them much with me

Three Four Five

Together combine to tell you all

They could flip me that’s for sure

But none of it happen on the dance floor

Number Six

He is jiving

And that’s no lying

Can not stop his feet…

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2 responses to “Dancing on my own

  1. Lia

    Hi, thanks for checking out my blog, especially some of my older pieces; wow, I feel so honoured, and also I adore Summerhill’s artwork, I had missed this piece of hers; are you perhaps related to that account, or is this a reblog??? Thanks again so much, lovely to find you here! 🥰🙏😍💖🎉🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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