Boho Fashionista, A Chic Style Statement


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Boho Fashionista, A Chic Style Statement

The term bohemian has no definition yet only an ingenious craftsmanship “what you wear to look different, not the same as others”. Bohemian style apparel, diverse and tribal, enthusiastically sentimental and down to earth, a stunning array and exotic blend of easy going vogue chic, incredibly street smart, and a blend of the bohemian shy flower child with a vintage look.

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Breezy bohemian maxi dresses or caftans are the perfect style statement for summer, spring days, beach holidays.

IMG_0917Beautiful embellished elegant, flowing kaftans inspired by world travels are effortlessly glamorous and easy to carry.

IMG_0925This cotton kaftan with kashmiri embroidery and a hint of 70’s fashion is one of my favorite vacation dresses. I wear it as a beach cover over my bikini and with sandals for dinner. Layering the caftan over a maxi dress or jeans carries the boho…

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8 responses to “Boho Fashionista, A Chic Style Statement

  1. The embroidery is so beautiful!! 💞

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  2. such cool beautiful dresses…..Ah, I can swirl around in those cotton picks.

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